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Patient Transport Service

Patient Transport Service is a non-emergency service for people who may need special support getting to and from their healthcare appointments.

About Your Journey

  • We will ensure that our staff always carry ID and introduce themselves to you on arrival.
  • We will ensure our vehicles are appropriately equipped and subject to regular maintenance and safety checks. The inside of the vehicles will be clean at all times and in the event of a vehicle becoming dirty during use, it will be taken out of service until it has been cleaned.
  • We will ensure that you are treated and cared for by our staff who have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to provide an efficient and effective service to suit your needs.
  • We will provide transport that is comfortable and suitable for your individual mobility requirements and to ensure you are properly secured in the vehicle with seatbelts or wheelchair restraints as appropriate.
  • We will ensure our vehicles are fitted with the latest equipment to enable us to locate your address quickly and efficiently and keep in regular contact with our control rooms to plan the most effective journey routes

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